17 Responses to “Safer Internet Day 2018”

  1. Adjei Ashia said:

    Don’t share things whithout asking the person. Use kind words.

  2. Qawiyyah Odulate said:

    To be safe on the internet you MUST not tell people your phone number or address.

  3. Anthony Correa Mendoza said:

    Never talk to strangers

  4. David Boyes said:

    thankyou for telling us about E-Safety and some of those comments are very rude and very disrespectful and you should not be like that on the internet

  5. Laura Nwogwugwu said:

    Always say nice things online. Tell an adult when ever someone says bad things to you . Don’t share details or photos of others. Be sure to talk online but always ask an adult before typing. Be careful because they might say bad things to you.

  6. James Akinde Joye said:

    Be a kind person online and let people win on the game. NEVER EVER SHARE YOUR DETAILS OR WHERE YOU LIVE! You can only share your friends pictures if they tell you to.

  7. Melanie Munoz Serna said:

    you always have to be safe on internet

    tell a adult about somthing you did not like

    do not be scared to tell an adult of something they told you on internet that you did not like

  8. Ruan Da Silva said:

    be kind and be safe.Say kind words.

  9. Sofia Alves said:

    be a kind person online

    turn of if you are talking to a stranger

    don’t share things

  10. Melisa Nikaj said:

    use kind words like do you need any help and do not say why do you bother playing this game your usles.

  11. Bruna Fernandes said:

    you should be helpful and do not be unkind

  12. Shannon Claros Roca said:

    1.dont tipe your name and were you live.
    2. don’t go on intent if people you don’t know.
    3. don’t billy pepel .

  13. Mildred Koroma said:

    1. always keep your personal imformation. 2. if thay say unkind words tell an adolt 3.wen thay say things abat you.

  14. Reece Osei Owusu said:

    you should not tell strangers about you personal self cause if you do they will know when you were born where you come from and most importantly they will know how old you are that is why you never tell a stranger obout yourself.

  15. Amy Folan Caffrey said:

    we should always teel a adult befor we go online
    because people can boly you.

  16. Joseph Dettmer Fernandez said:

    be safe in the in the internet and always be safe in the in the internet and always tell an adult it would help you.

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